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shipping cost for boards

I removed my running boards off of my 2004 Silver SSR and i’m considering offering them up for sale or trade for parts that I would like. My question is how much has it run you guys to ship the boards? They are heavier than I thought so shipping will probably cost some $$. What shippers have you used in the past? Any information is appreciated.
If I do part with them, I’ll look to trade for a windscreen and/or some hard saddle bags.


Brian :silver:
I baught a set with brackets and bolts 2 years ago. Had shipped from Ohio to Wisconsin. UPS wanted $125. I used USPS, if it fits it ships. Boards in 1 box, $60,brackets and bolts another package, $25. I'm sure cost has gone up, but USPS is usually quite a it less then UPS.
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