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Best Shine around Town!

pesos said:
the rain finally stopped so it was time to clean her up again
Hey Pesos,

You want to get a lot of nice comments about how great looking your paint job is on your SSR? Try posting your photos on the Corvette Forum and ask the Corvette owners if their Verts shine as good as our SSRs!

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thanks guys =) the best part is that is really doesn't take all that long all things considered. the first day was a 4 hour project (but only because i decided to clay bar - not everyone wants to go through that). once you get the first coat on (takes about 20-25 minutes once you get the hang of not applying it too thickly) then the time spent washing the truck gets cut in half. i got a toro leafblower and with the polish on the water just flies right off with no swirl marks from drying with a towel.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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