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Thought I would post a pic or two of the 48 Pontiac that I just completed.

Decided to take it to the park and shoot a few with the SSR.
They have similar features:
Front grill bars
Rounded fenders
Power retractible tops
Power trunk/hatch release
Power windows
Chevy engines
Boyd wheels (mine are on the way)
Custom candy paint


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If those are cousins then there must have been some incest in this family

This is an image I posted here last year, but I thought some of the newer members might be interested in seeing this. This is actually a 1948 Chevrolet right hand drive pickup built in Australia by Holden.


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Well I have an 1984 Jaguar XJS, that has a chevrolet small block 400 with tuned port, so I guess it is a relative of some kind too.
I call it our CHEVUAR !!!
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