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Cover or other idea for storm protection?

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I am currently on a long-term contract assignment in Atlanta, 1000 miles from home. Although I have (expensive!) covered ramp parking at the client site downtown during the workdays, I am staying in an extended stay type hotel in the suburbs that has only uncovered parking.

The other day, a series of hailstorms went through, and although they missed the hotel, they did up to $1 million of damage per car dealer at a number of car dealers just a few miles away, and lots of motorists were caught away from their garages, with too few gas station overhangs to shelter many cars.

Although my contingency plan if I suspect a storm is coming is to go to a nearby shopping center parking ramp, that isn't a great plan when the conditions are "right" for hail for an extended time - like all evening or all night.

I was thinking that some sort of PADDED cover might be an idea, or even an unpadded one under which I could lay some sheet foam or blankets. To work, the cover would need to be securable in some way, as hailstorms normally can also involve considerable wind. So, it would likely have to be a cover especially made for the SSR.

Or, is there a better idea?

Yes, the hotel has a lobby overhang, but I couldn't stay there "all night", and there would likely be intense compeition for that one covered spot if a storm appeared.

What other practical ideas can the creative minds on this board come up with?

Jim G
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Large Comforter and Oversized Car Cover


I suggest that you go to Walmart of the store of your choosing and buy a large fluffy comforter or a couple of fuffy conforters. Then go to the auto store and buy an extra-large (non-fitted) car cover that is water proof and can be secured or teathered. Carry both in the cargo compartment and when you turn in for the night. Tuck your car in as well :lol

No seriously, whereever you go you can cover your car with the comforters and then cover your car with the car covers. It may help you.

Interestingly enough, when I first got my SSR I had to wait for my fitted car cover. I found that the car cover that I purchased from Pep Boys for my Catera fit completely over my SSR! Now since mine is in a garage I do not have to worry about the cover blowing off. However, if need be I could have not purchased the fitted cover and just continued to use the one I had on the Catera.

Hope this helps. Maybe it will work for you :seeya

E :thumbs
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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