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Hey everyone:

I love my 04 SSR but with limited use since only getting it in Feb and cold weather I've had the top down very little. Today had the chance to run out of the office on an errand with the top down on a real crappy road and WOW, this SSR has a lot of cowl/front end shake. :confused It's great on smooth roads but on bumpy winter abused roads not very nice. I've owned a 2000 C5 convertible which was the most solid convertible car I've ever been in. My 98 Cobra Mustang convertible had it's share of cowl shake to but not as bad as the SSR. If you happen to be turning in an aggressive corner with bumps and small pot holes you can't even stay on line. :mad

Does anyone know of anyone who sells pieces like a front strut tower brace and pieces to bolt in or weld in under the truck to tie it all together and stiffen it up? Lots of kits and pieces made for other cars but I can't find anything for the SSR.

Those who live in the warmer climates enjoy your smooth roads - we miss them here in IL.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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