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BIG recognition and thanks to FiveOh :angel who brought the GM technical service bulletin 04-06-03-004A to our attention in his "GM Tech Link" thread. I am republishing it with its own clear headline so that others who skip the GM Tech Link thread will be sure to see it, because it is REALLY important to ALL of us.

Ok, here is the text of the 04-06-03-004A bulletin published by GM around March of this year:

It basically says that the cooling fan and/or roof operating circuit can be fried if the vehicle is ever jump started, or the battery recharged, by attaching to terminals other than the correct two remote terminals in the engine compartment (the +ve and -ve terminals clearly marked on either side of the engine).

Apparently, some dealer service techs have been incorrectly using the 1P Positive battery terminal stud at the fuse block, and thus frying either or both of (a) the cooling fan and (b) the roof door module. You wouldn't think that a GM tech would make this kind of error, but then again, apaprently GM itself has now concluded that they DO.

This could explain why some of us have had cooling fan and/or roof operation issues!

Make sure your dealer reads and understands this TSB before doing anything electrical on your SSR!

Jim G
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