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cupholders where to get?

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I bought my 2003 used and the cupholders and cargo net were missing, any idea where I can get other than dealers?


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Ebay,……. be patient, just search “SSR” on Ebay motors, check new listings twice a week. I got a complete net assembly for 25% of Chevy Parts price. Don't wait to bid till the end of the auction. Enter a high bid...the most you want to pay. If you don't win just hang loose someone else will be selling the same item later. READ EVERY THING ON THE AUCTION PAGE. CHECK THE SELLERS FEED BACK. ASK QUESTIONS IF YOU ARE NOT SURE. MAKE SRUE YOU ARE DEALING WITH A REPUTABLE SELLER. Ebay has become like Alice’s Restaurant

You know:..

“You can get any thing you want at Alice’s Restaurant.”

How many SSRs are you going to find in the Junk yards???
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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