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You'll like them. I just received my orders on Thursday. Installed them same day. If you buy the 5 caps,be sure and trail fit. They are machines different for the different areas. Don't ask how I know this. Lol
Dammit,can't get the rotation right. I give up on it.
Sorry about the caps not being labeled. I normally do that before I send them out but in your case I was in a rush for time due the PO screw up and missed doing it.

Hope the show went well!

If you have windows 10 you can right click the image file name in your folder, then select "edit", from there the top tool bar in the photo editor has a rotate selection. Just save again and you should be good ....... but here it is flipped around for you.


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I would like to place an order with you. I would like to purchase items 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5. If you would send me a total with shipping. I can make payment of your choice

Desoto Doug

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I would like to order the billet fluid caps, the billet brake fluid cover, the billet radiator overflow cover, the billet fuse cover and the billet AC fill port covers. Please PM me for the total (with shipping) and payment information.


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SSR Custom Billet Aluminum Accessories for engine, interior and exterior

These are the original and highest quality billet accessories you can get that were the first engine accessories available for the SSR. Although they look like chrome, all my parts are made with solid 6061 aircraft grade aluminum polished to a high sheen but are also available with a satin finish (see picture below). I also do one off custom parts as long as I have a good template to work from, please contact for more information.

Click on the images below for expanded viewing and send me a PM (Private Message) for detailed ordering information. If you would like insurance please note that as well so I can add that to the total amount to cover damage or loss by the shipping carrier.

If you don't want the SSR truck outline or text option as a logo on any of the items I can custom mill any design you want or none at all. All parts install with 3M double stick tape, RTV, or any other method of your choosing. If noted with 3M tape it will normally arrive with it already attached.

Make sure all parts that items are attached to are clean before installation to insure good adhesion. Orders will normally arrive to you anywhere from 2-4 weeks or so after I receive payment, depending on when your order was placed. May be shorter or longer depending on work load at machinist at time of order.

1. Billet Fluid caps (5 parts - Brake, Oil, PS, Washer, Radiator, your attachment method(RTV, 3M, or just sit on top for shows)) - See below picture
2. Billet Brake Fluid Cover (with 3M tape) - See below picture
3. Billet Radiator Overflow (with 3M tape) - See below picture
4. Billet Fuse cover (with 3M tape) - See below picture
5. Billet AC fill port covers (pair) (your attachment method (RTV?)) - See below picture
6. Billet Bed Strut covers (pair) (set screw) - See below picture
7. Billet Bed strut mount covers for OEM struts (pair) (3M tape) - See below picture
8. Billet Horizontal Airbox Inserts (3 parts) (your attachment method, RTV or 3M tape) - See below picture
9. Billet Airbox top plates (pair) (with 3M tape) - See below picture
10. Billet Cold Air Intake cover (with 3M tape) - See below picture
11. Billet Air cleaner base plate (with 3M tape) - See below picture
12. Billet Hood Latch Surround Trim (with 3M tape) - See below picture
13. Billet Door Sill covers (with 3M tape) - See below picture
14. Air Vent Covers in polished or brushed finish (with 3M tape) -
15. Under hood latch plate (with 3M tape) - See below picture
16. Exterior Door handle covers (with 3M tape) Click here ->
17. Dash coin/drink tray covers - set of 2 - See below picture
18. Speaker grille covers - Click here ->
19. Aluminum shift adapter that allows T and ball style handles on automatic transmissions - Shift Adapter Link 1
and Shift Adapter Link 2
20. Hood strut covers - Same as trunk strut cover shown below in picture only larger.
21. Door Reflector Covers - For photo, see this LINK for more info.
22. Aluminum radiator expansion tank - For photo, see this LINK for more info.
23. Aluminum bed strips (9 pcs) - For photo, see this LINK for more info.
24. Aluminum bed top strips (4 pcs) - For photo, see this LINK for more info.
25. Large Hood letters - For photo, see this LINK for more info.
26. Small Tailgate letters - For photo, see this LINK for more info.
27. Custom LED emblem lighting - For photo, see this LINK for more info.
28. Custom LED Cargo Bar Lighting - For photo, see this LINK for more info.
29. Battery Box Cover - For photo, see this LINK for more info.

CLICK BELOW IMAGES FOR LARGER VIEW. May have to click a few times to see full image. First click opens image, second opens in new window, and third click is for most browsers to open image to full size in it's own window! Note - First image contains all parts available and numbered as above. Price sheet that I send to interested parties also follows same number pattern. Second is with most parts installed in engine bay and third shows a satin finish instead of the normal polished surface. Last 2 are more examples of engine bay. If you need more pictures of specific items feel free to PM me, I also do many one off items upon request.

? Add your location on Fanatic PINMAP and locate others
SSR Technical Resource - Good quick resource for SSR stuff
Electronic Repairs - Speedometer, brake, door latch, fuse box, stereo, etc
Custom Billet Accessories - Shift adapter, letters, satin/polished, etc
Are you still producing these item. do you have an updated list of what you have.
thanks, jimmyd05

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Why would someone even suggest that if they look at last date posted?
Because the one before that was over a year before and that might indicate that it was a dead thread awakened by someone who was unaware of the age of the thread. A comment that often comes up on long dormant threads. In this case it was not necessary. In other cases it has cleared clutter.
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