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How about "unlocking" some of the other features in the DIC? (easy, guys)

My 03 Z06 has a features, like "easy exit" for the driver's seat, mirrors that are part of the memory.
I have been getting by using the "driver 2" position as the easy exit setting, but the damn door panel makes it hard to operate without hitting the "memory" button.

There's other stuff, but I'm on pain killers and can't remember.

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Action said:
Is it possible to get a personalized greeting on our dash when we start the SSR? This could be some little secret that no one knows about.



Put a sign on the dashboard that says "Hello Jason"! :glol :glol :glol :cheers :glol :smash :willy:

:seeya E :seeya

Orange SSR :ssr
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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