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Who all will build custom wheels to spec. I seen a couple of designs that were almost what I would like.

Flash has already reported that Colorado dose this.

I don't have his qualms about buying from blueprints, Heck I make bluprints and have had thousands of parts sucessfully built from them.

Something like this.

But in aluminum, without the slots, with a rimless shape like the stock wheels, dipping sharply into a smooth convex center, with a cover in the center that splits at one of the cut in grooves. I'll add a cad rendering soon as I get it done.

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If I remember from a while back while looking for rims, I think Lexani made a wheel similar to what you were looking at.

Good luck in your venture.

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tradertom said:
Look at the boyd coddington site-the GOTCHA series can be ordered to fit SSR's original sizes-I am ordering the Diablo's tomorrow from Discount Tire in Phoenix-$2,600 installed. 4-5 weeks manufacturing time.
if so that's a good price :thumbs
one thing though... the finish on boyd's wheels aren't as good as some other manufacturers- ask Fuzzy :flag


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