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anyone who is interested in forming a ssr club here i dfw area or if there is a club already formed please let me know. i would apprecieate it.


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Jerry Temple, aka Yellow Heaven I know that I signed up but not much has been done.
I was thinking of talking to local sonic and other resturants and getting any cars/trucks that want to get together for fun.

Hard to pick a day maybe Sundays. Baseball season starts soon so lots of practice and weeknight games as well as a few Saturdays.

I don't know if Jerry has been on this site in a while I haven't seen him but he has an assistant that helps him with his email and when you sign up on his site too.

I tried the link and it didn't work but I know it is the right address. :nono
This is from an earlier post of Jerry's
It's ok to call me days or evenings. My personal line is 972-712-7301 or email me at [email protected]. My fax is 972-712-7303 and address is PO Box 580, Frisco, TX 75034.
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