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Howdy Folks! You folks in AZ and SoCal, it's not that far away Saturday Nov 23! We're headed for Steaks & Cakes in Blythe CA. We have 9 SSR's coming so far from our Lake Havasu City Group:
Steve & Sandy
Sharon & Spencer
Dawn & Bob
Ginny & Ernie
Linda & Dick
Patsy & Big Jim
Jim & Diane
Gord & Ev
Frank & Fuzzy
Steve & Lonnie
Tory & Julie B.C. via Palm Springs
We'll be doing some prizes, 50/50, spending time with fun folks! Sign up before this friday Nov 15!?

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Well Dam, just a bit too Dam far to drive "Thunder" to Southern Cali for lunch! But retirement comes in July and Jeff's (Magic Carpet Ride) old truck will be happy to head back to the great South West after spending his first winter in Ohio! Dam it's Cold!?
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