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Here is a picture of my Dash Mat with the Pins from “TickleMePink” which Mike in AZ now sells.
As I mentioned before, the embroidery shop would not do a single red “R” like the SSR Logo due to legal concerns with GM.
I have come to like the Pins better. It’s simple.
My SSR is Two-Tone Pearl White and Aqua Blur.
So I have a Blue Pin and a Two Tone Pin.
A Dash Mat protects your Dash from the Sun.
It could just be my imagination, but the road noise is slightly less also.
Dicktator can have a custom embroidered Mat done for you as mentioned in previous posts.

There are various options if your search for “Chevy SSR Dash Mat”. Here’s what I have: DashMat Original Dashboard Cover Chevrolet SSR (Premium Carpet, Navy): Automotive

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