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Rest In Peace David. The stock car world lost an absolute LEGEND a couple of days ago.

We all know in the world of sports you are judged by the number of wins you had or have and of course this is true in NASCAR also where Richard Petty is the King with 200 victories and "Hat's off to Richard"

However, I think you will find the majority of most NASCAR driver's believe "The Silver Fox" was "really" at the top of the list when it came to driving skill. Pearson won 105 races, starting only 500 and some ... which amounts to 18 % of his starts. No other NASCAR driver can even comes close to that percentage.

When David didn't go in the NASCAR Hall of Fame on the first ballot is one of the worst decisions in sports and is an absolute travesty. Just ask the Wood Brother's, the Petty Family, the Allison's and other NASCAR pioneers. You Tube has a great video of David that lasts 22 minutes that is so informative and entertaining. Any driver that can smoke a cigarette during the last few lapse while winning a race is one hellava wheel man in my opinion !!!

"ENUF SAID" SSRfanatic Condolences to the Pearson Family REST IN PEACE David Gene "The Silver Fox" PEARSON ... you ARE In NASCAR Heaven !!! :grouphug :grouphug :grouphug How about this to close this out ... "The :silver: Fox"

PLEASE may I add 113 Poles in 574 Races = 19.7 % ...unbelievable !!!
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