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Daytona Beach Florida-Ultra Violet SSR

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I was vacationing in Orlando Florida last week. On Tuesday the 14th we took a trip to Daytona Beach. As I was exiting the beach a Ultra Violet SSR was coming on. I gave him the :thumbs . Talked to him for a few minutes letting him know that I had one also. However, I don't know who he was. I came along way from Michigan and it was really cool to see one. I didn't drive mine I flew down instead. After seeing him I was really missing mine. Like to know if he's on this site. So anyone reading this that was at Daytona Beach last Tuesday. I would sure like to know your name.

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JeffDBFl said:
Wish you had said something in advance. I am about 6 miles north of Daytona. Would have been great to meet you, while you were down here. Next time you are down this way let me know.
I'm coming down the first week of August , staying at the Hilton. We are going to do the Savanah cruise on the 30 -31, then head down. Looking forward to crusing on the beach.
JeffDBFl said:
Will see you in Savanah. I live about 15 miles North of the Hilton. We can drive back together.
Thus, we have a plan!
dingbat said:
We might have a caravan of SSRs going both directions that weekend from this area.
Three wide on I-95, I like it :cool
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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