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We have worked with the management at OneDaytona to have a car show on Monday evening, the 9th of April, from 6-9PM. They will be advertising the event to bring customers in to the shops and restaurants. We will be staging around Victory Circle, the center of the complex, and along Daytona Avenue, the main street through the complex.
OneDaytona will be providing live entertainment for the event and we will all be given passports for discounts at the businesses that are open.
The Rock Bottom Brewery overlooks Victory Circle and has a rooftop bar/restaurant that we can enjoy. There are several other places to eat in the complex and even an ice cream shop for Dick and Chuck. The complex is very people friendly and has benches and tables set up all around. Real nice atmosphere for a car show.
Onedaytona is right next to the Fairfield. Click on one of the links above to learn a bit more about it.

I would like to get a head count on this so if you plan on parking the R and enjoying the nightlife please chime in below.

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Page 2: 25
1 - 20 of 83 Posts
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