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Just got off the phone with Bob Haisler at Miller Motors in Wisconsin(?) and got the latest quotes for extended warranties. They all are 84 months warranties on new vehicles less than 12000 miles and 12 months old:

75K $100 ded=$1005 $50=$1155 $0=$1360
100K $100 ded=$1655 $50=$1850 $0=$2235

Your car must be less than 3 yrs old and less than 36000 miles to qualify for an extended warranty not bought in the first year but you will need to add $150 to the above figures. And what is good in our favor is that the SSR is not a specialty car in their view like my Prowler is, so no surcharge!

By the way, there are a myriad of plans for months and mileage, but I took what I thought most people wanted when I talked to him.

The reason I am posting this is that I have just bought an SSR and will get a Chrysler Maxcare warranty for the SSR instead of the GMPP. The prices for the GMPP were so inflated that is was going to cost$1600 more in some cases. With Maxcare you can go to any DC dealer and have the work done and you get a rental the minute you walk in the door even if it is only a 2 hour job with the Maxcare. There is also the option if needed to take the car to a GM dealer and have it fixed by calling an 800 number on back of the card and getting approval as I was told by Bob.

For those new owners and anyone looking for an extended warranty for their older SSR, this has to be the best deal going and Bob will treat you right. His number is: 1-800-824-1784. Call him and talk to him and you'll be glad you did.

Disclaimer: I have no interest in any way with Miller Motors and I'm just passing along the info.

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