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Dealer says "service bulletin list " posted here ...

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does not exist in their system. I took my car in for some repairs and wanted them to check a few things and gave them bulletin numbers. He called me back and said none of those numbers make any sense to them. What should I do?


download the file and change the extension to xls and open it with MS Exel.
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source of info

I don't know why the dealer can't find specific TSB's.

The information I posted is a reduction of what is available in the complete flat file listing of TSB's posted by the NHSTA on their downloads page.

The info in that file is basically the info that the web site presents when you use the NHSTA's Search Page.
Hi Glenn, Thanks for the info. I will tell him that tomorrow when I meet with the service manager. Do you know if these bulletin numbers are provided/used by GM /Chevy?
I've seen one that was. Don't remember which, unless it was the one about keyfobs not working. Don't really know if the ones listed and GM's are same. Never had a reason to think otherwise.
I went to the dealership today and he told me that those bulletin numbers do not correspond to anything they have on their system. he is still going to do my minor work but he said those numbers were of no help.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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