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December 2017 ROTM

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Sorry for the delay in getting this vote up! The holidays rob us of the time we thought we had. Will let the voting run a little into the new year

So without further ado, here our your December Ride of the Month Contestants!


"Ole Blur"

My R is really pretty stock, other than most of Mike's recommended upgrades..

But I do like to do little (cheap haha) customizing tricks, like:
'Thriftmaster' hood decal made to reflect the 6.0L / LS2 (plans to get airbrushed)
'Chevrolet' text to wheel center cap
'Redline' striping to wheels
1953 'Chevrolet' dash script added to console

Most of the mods you can see but a couple you can't. Fabricated a cover for the radio, LED lights front/rear, LED cargo area, moved evap valve to side of engine and tools in drop down in cargo area.

"Kate" - named after Katherine Hepburn - "A Haughty Redhead"

2006 Final Production Run 6sp Manual
#336/424 MY2006
#47/826 total Final Production Run SSR's
#27/115 total FPR's

#15/151 Total Redline 6sp
#7/26 Total FPR 6sp

Those are her numbers - not exactly rare, but all SSR's are a bit rare!

Kate and I haven't done a ton of mod's.
Some of the items added I purchased for my first SSR but never installed.
I was a bit hesitant to add much to Kate - wanting to keep her more or less original.
Here are a few:
- Rear Differential gears - 4.56 Yukon gears install (home install with my brother)
- Full cab sound deadening
- #49 tail light mods from Lonnie (Sinister)
- Lighted flamed windscreen from Gary Peterson - Florida Stainless
- Front & Rear spoilers by eric-mpd1
- Brian Bortle changed my cargo light and fuse
- Ken (birdman) sent me a soft bag to put at the cargo head
- Mike's radiator support & heat shield
- Trailblazer crossmember
- Shortened shifter by 2"

Basically, I just look after her.
She is my daily driver in the driving months - March to December.
Fortunately we can pick our days - avoid rain etal.
She is looked after - to say the least.
She gets cue tip treatment in all hard to access areas
You get the idea - she is loved as most of our SSR's are!

Kate has the important options to look for on an SSR:
- Chrome Wheels
- Boards - Body Colour
- Console Gauges - Body Colour
- Carpeted cargo area

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Love the engine compartment on Lou's ride

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'06 FPR Smokin Asphalt; '04 Ulta Violet
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Lou: Interior photo appears to be an automatic?
If you are "reading" a 6 speed, you are reading about "Cash". For some reason the different post aren't separated very good at all. Confusing!!!

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