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Those Ultraviolet R's will be very appropriate. Beth said that is the same color y'all will be if you stay out in the parking lot too long BS'ing before going inside to eat breakfast. .....:frozen: :frozen: :frozen:

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Permagrin Breakfast - Red Day

The Red's were present today. No photos, everyone had their hands in their pockets it was so cold.

4-Redline Red
2-Ultra Violet
1-Smokin' Asphalt Black
1-Smokin' Asphalt Black Custom Tutone
1-Slingshot Yellow

It was a great visit with all of you.

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Absolutely Skip!

I had a great time with all the R men & women. :laugh:

It was so good I almost forgot it was so cold!! :frozen:

^|||^ -- Missed Rat (& Mrs. Rat) and Hot Rod. Get better Roy, :crying: and Don and the rest of the Houston Area Fanatics!!! :cheers

David :black:

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