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Hi all,
I am noticing that a lot of people have "loose" parts that are either missing or not delivered. Since I'm picking one up from out of town, anyone have feedback on what I should double check? Like the stuff that's not nailed down. The car is loaded, but much of the extras are dealer installed. It was dealer traded to get to it's current spot, which could further complicate matters.

So far:
the 600 dollar tire inflation kit (that seems HIGH) behind the seat
the cupholders
Double check all "dealer installed" options


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New SSR inspections

Really go over the truck, look it over like you were wiping it down with a rag. This is your last chance to catch cosmetic flaws that were there prior to taking delivery.

I have yet to see an SSR where the side windows fit tightly all the way around, the same as they do at the very top. I take this as a sign that the roof panels aren’t fitted, as tightly, front to back, as they were designed to be.

Check the weather seals between the roof sections, next to the side windows, see that they butt tightly together. Peel back the overlaps and look at the joints. They should fit without obvious gaps. This is another sign that the roof panels aren’t fitted tightly. Check that the flaps fit tightly around the next seal. My opinion is, the tighter the fit up’s the less likely leaks will happen.

Given that I haven't seen any SSR's with really decent fit up around the windows, it may be there is a basic issue that hasn't been resolved yet.

Mind you, the SSR roof mechanicals have most of the tech's scared whit less. If it works and they can splash water on it without seeing a leak, they won't want to attempt a cure. Honestly I don't blame them for that.

I wouldn't let any of the above stop me from buying an SSR but it might make a difference where there are several to choose from.


There are some things I would not accept in a vehicle no matter what promises were made about fixing it later. I'm sure some are trivial, except to me.

How it drives now is most likely how it will drive for as long as you own it. It has to drive straight, no pulling left or right allowed. "It's the crown of the road." is a popular brush off. But check tire pressures for equality left to right, before claiming a problem. Use a good digital tire gauge.

Me I also can't stand a steering wheel that isn't true. Depending on what's wrong, it can be impossible to "adjust". Out of true, is an indication something is out of spec.

Window glass that has an obvious ripple in it, flunks my inspection. I don't think I've seen this in a new car, but every piece of aftermarket glass I've bought, had problems.

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If it is loaded, some of the little stuff you may want to check would be the tie downs on the rails in the bed. You should have at least four. I have six. I also purchased more to go on the side rails where the bars goes for the cargo netting. If you have the cargo net pkg., you should have the net, a cross bar, and lots of tie downs for it. YOu can actually do a lot of interesting configurations with that net. It does not have to go the way it is installed. I have tried lots of different combinations but still prefer the factory set up. Make sure you have SSR floor mats. They are small little buggers but cost a lot of $$$. ON the bigger end of things, check for rub marks on the sides of the roof panels. On the windows, check to see if there is a vertical scratch on them. MY window seals have been perfect from the get go (what a surprise that was!). I have had no leaks at all, but whoa,,,,lots of other things that have now all be fixed under warranty. Regardless of any probs. you find, I doubt you will ever drive anything close to the SSR for fun and "Wow Factor". ENjoy it and don't worry about the small stuff.

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Check for:

All the wood (or color cordinated) strips for the bed - including the two with velcro that cover the tracks the side storage mounts on.

Keys: Center console - side storage containers and hitch...

Gotta get back to work...
If I think of more I'll add later...

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don't forget to make sure you get a manual top release tool that comes with the ssr in case the top electronics fail and you have to raise or lower the top manually. my dealership's make ready in decatur told me it was to use for removing the lug nuts on my tires. didn't get a manual upon delivery and had to wait for it to be delivered by mail. :confused :cuss
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