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With my Caddy Light housings from Eric, along with the lights......I got a package of these Delphi connectors.

Now that I finally have the lights and housings put into place, I'm looking to get into the re-wiring from the stock tail lights to the Caddy lights.

I own more that one set of "normal" wire/connector crimpers, but do not have one of these "special" (weather pack) crimpers.:frown2:

Looked at a couple of YOUTUBE type videos, and not clear to me that I couldn't use my normal crimpers to work for installing the (weather pack) connectors.

Chime in if you believe I need to go out and purchase a special crimper:nerd:

meanwhile, while I viewed multiple videos on the subject, none were clear to me as to the right connector for the "female" leads versus the connector for the "male" leads. I came to the conclusion that the half (of the two connectors) that has the colored "gasket" on the (female) half.......while the longer (tube shaped) half was for the (male) connectors:nerd:

Also, if have the above correct, then the (male) connector side of the deal should come from the "hot" side as no part of any metal connector would be exposed and the (female) connector should be coming from the Caddy light side of things.:nerd:
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