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SSHeaRt Beat of Tennessee had their 1st 2020 "cruise" of the year Saturday ... despite the rain & drizzle. Ventured up to Baxter, Tennessee to Twin Lakes Catfish Village on the backroads of the Volunteer state. Excellent food and great conversation at the Dinner table. Thanks to SWT RYD & his lovely wife Doris, by the way who is recovering from a painful fall, she laughed a lot so I know she was feeling much better. I'm sure we'll be doing something in February & March, BUT our next BIG outing is Saturday April the 18th, cruising to Grand Rivers, Kentucky, (150 miles one way for us Mid Tenn SSR's) to dine at Patti's, home of the 2 inch porch chop. Daylight Savings time will be "in full bloom" then in May it is Maggie Valley, North Carolina, USA !!! Y'all come now ya' here !!! If Miss Margaret Mitchel was here today to write "Gone With The Wind" she would surely say "The South has gone with wind, all it has now is those beautiful SSR's running all over the place and having fun" Thanks again SWT TEA, I mean SWT RYD & Doris. Crazy ole Bob aka tennesseecozydog.
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