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Just saw word on Facebook that Cars and Coffee Dallas is going away for good. Per the Facebook post:

“Classic BMW - Plano, franchisee of Cars and Coffee(TM) Dallas, is sad to announce that after more than nine years of benefitting the car loving community and local charities, Cars and Coffee Dallas will hold its last show on December 1, 2018. The quality of the cars in attendance has declined over the years. The event staff tried not to exclude anyone by asking participants to strongly consider whether their car was show worthy, but the show grew organically over time with fewer quality cars.

The last two events for Cars and Coffee Dallas will be held Saturday, November 3 and on Saturday, December 1. Due to the size of the show and Classic BMW’s continued desire to provide motorsports eye candy to all attendees, Classic BMW will reserve the right at these last two shows to deny entry at any time at their discretion. If the event staff does not consider a vehicle show worthy, those vehicles will be asked to park in the spectator lots located around the dealership.

Classic BMW gives special thanks to the owners who took the time to share their supercars, antiques, classics, muscle cars, hot rods, motorcycles, boats, special use vehicles and rare, one of a kind cars – many of which the average person would never have seen if it weren’t for these participants’ dedication to Cars and Coffee Dallas.

The event would not have been what it was without the great efforts of the many volunteers from Classic BMW, car clubs, charities and Plano high schools who gave up their time year round for the love of cars to coordinate every little detail to put on the enormous show. Much appreciation also goes to the Plano Texas Police Department who helped hold a safe event.

Most importantly, Classic BMW thanks all who donated generously to the monthly charity - the vendors and the thousands of vehicle owners, spectators and families who visited Cars and Coffee Dallas each month. Thank you for your participation and support over the years in giving back to the wonderful community we live and work in.”:crying:

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Sorry to hear that Bob. :frown2:

So now ((just to keep you SSR hoodlums 'off of the streets')) you can join us down south of you in the Big City for some Texas-size fun!! - >:)

Have you gotten all the bug juice off your SA yet? I'm still finding them deeply imbedded in my grill!!! - :laugh:

David :black:
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