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Diablo Sport Predator Tuner for 2005 SSR is on the way!

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A Diablo Sport Predator Tuner for the 2005 SSR with the 6.0L LS2 is on the way. It is sceduled to be released in late March.

Check-out the link below. :reddevil
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Thanks Mat

Can't be too soon for me Fred :cool :lol :) :lol :lol :lol :flag
Wish you guys luck with the Predator. I had 2 computers replaced in my Diesel from there tuners. $1100 each and after the second one the dealer said no more.

The programmer would get to 84% and reset itself. When it does this the PCM looses it's vin and will not communicate anymore.

This was within a 3 month period.
I am curious Boosted on what Diablo's comments or reaction was to the problem you had with their product. :confused
They swapped the tuner out for a new one. Never told me what went wrong just sent me a new one in the mail. This last time it went back which they recived today they said they would swap it out for one for my SSR...I just do not know if I should try it or not...Kinda gun shy right now..

Oh the first time they said the bios ver was outdated , the second time was with the new bios in a brand new tuner.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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