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I dunno if this got mentioned or not, but since some have mentioned two-tone paint under suggestions for GM, even silver and black, I wondered if the Diamondback SSR has been pointed out... I believe it was in Autoweek when it was shown at SEMA, and I'd look for it at the Detroit Auto Show:

Oh yeah... and that's not just black. That's carbon fiber.

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I really like the front airdam - If anyone can find a source for it, looks like a nice piece - never did like that flat afterthought looking part now used as an airdam.

As far as the Diamondback, I had read about it, and really wanted to see it. - I was at SEMA all four days, mapped out the entire area, including the outside, and even went back to the GM booth daily, checking for it. A couple of the guys at the GM booth made phone calls to try to find out where it was, and no one could come up with any info on where it would be.

ASC did not have a booth at the show - if it was there at all, it must have been for a press conference at one of the hotels. Wish I could have seen it up close.


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ron dickson

i have contacted asc to try to buy the front air dam, the rear spoiler,the side rocker pieces[ with or with out exhaust openings], and last but not least i said i would be interested in buying a new hood ,either the diamond back version, or the blackbird version. these people never bothered to return my messages. my last communication was with bob walczyk, and he sent my e-mail to the VP of asc , and a second time to the asc person in charge of aftermarket parts. its like these were messages from some nut ,i wonder whats up?? ron dickson avid ssr owner of vin #1422
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