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Did I really buy an S-10

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Hi, all,

Imagine my surprise when I went shopping for cheaper insurance to find that the VIN on my brand new 2005 SSR codes out to be an S-10. Wish I could get the insurance rate for and S-10! Apparently Chevy changed their coding of the VIN on 2005 model. Any clue to what's going on? I searched the forum, but didn't get anything relevant on "VIN". Have others run into this?

By the way, the SSR is my 22nd car, and nothing else even comes close. 400hp in a secure convertible with a HUGE trunk and artistic style? Only thing I could think of that would come close is a Ferrari 308GTSi, and I wouldn't trade my SSR for one (even if had just had a full maintenance performed on it!).

Roger :seeya
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S-10 Insurance

They told you not to worry about it probably because they are too lazy to address the issue. I went round and round with my insurance company reps about this. They had no clue what I was talking about, so I had to take it to the company directly. IT IS A MAJOR CONCERN for one significant reason! Sure, the S-10 lower rates are nice, but if your vehicle is totalled, or stolen and gone forever, you will only get reimbursed for the replacement value of a used S-10!

I finally got insured under a special policy as a "limited production specialty vehicle" where the value of the vehicle is reviewed each year. (I get to set the replacement value, which I drop each year accordingly.) The deductibles are fixed percentages of the value I set (within reason, of course). I can't drive over 7500 miles per year (no problem for me - it's an '03 with 4700+ now), my rate is significantly lower, and if I add something of value like a supercharger, I can adjust the replacement value up accordingly.

I wouldn't just blow this off and pay the S-10 rates without knowng EXACTLY what the worst thing that could happen is. :thumbs
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