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Did You Know About These Chevy Emblems on the SSRs?

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In four years of owning the R, I didn't either. When cleaning, the door and the tonneau cover were always closed. I was taking pictures of murals in Wilmington, NC, when I happened to notice them.
(Mural Challenge)

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Yep.... Somewhere there's a list of all bowties...I think there's more than 30.
Here ya go:
(2) For The Newbies.. SSR Trivia | Chevy SSR Forum (
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Thanks, @Bowties4us.

@Meg in Carolina identified them years ago and I even read the list, but never realized... 🫡

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BTW, Meg's list, @Meg in Carolina, lists 17 Bowties on the SSR. Don't Know if it's on all model years but my 2006 has a Bowtie under the engine cover insert, making the total 18.
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1 - 2 of 7 Posts