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didn't get a picture, but...

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:ssr took its first (only?) flat-bed tow ride today to the local service dept. Temp was at 235 and RISING :cuss when I shut it down 1/2 mile and 6 traffic lights from the dealer. 3274 miles on the :ssr . Thanks to JimG and others I had my TSB printout with me regarding the cooling fan (who would have known I would need it soooooo soon)...never did have an indication that it came on and when I got out of the truck I could not hear it. Won't be looked at until this afternoon, so don't know what the tech will come up with. At least the service manager is somewhat familiar with :ssr as he fixed the window/seal rollover problem the first time out :thumbs and the right way :thumbs

The only positive note on this is the operator at Roadside Assistance was VERY friendly, concerned, and, who else but a :ssr owner could rattle off their vin without having to look at it :) Plus, while it was being loaded onto the flat-bed, no one asked what was wrong but a crowd formed to look at it and remark "how :cool your truck is"

Other downside...they gave me an 02 Malibu to exactly like my husband's county car...we're twins for a day :lol

Wish me luck!
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artsmart: The best defence is not luck, but rather KNOWLEDGE.

Show your dealer service advisor my NEW posting on how the fan on/off logic works, as well.

Jim G
Hotwheels: See my new posting on "The Truth about Fans"

Jim G
artsmart: Changing the termostat is nit a good idea on more modern vehicles, and especially the SSR, as they are designed to work at higher temperatures than older cars. The primary reason is emissions, but once THAT decision was made, many other operational changes followed. To undo them is beyond your ability.

The acceptable way of alleviating part of this problem is to reset the fan "on" and fan "off" temperatures, which will help notably in keeping the engine temperature under control.

Since the on/off factory logic for fan operation results in virtually 100% operation of the fan anyway, you are not affecting the life of your fan adversely.

Jim G
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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