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Different state versions / which one to take back to Europe

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Hi all of you SSR freaks,

I really love this forum. Its great.

I'm currently in the act of trying to convince myself not to by an SSR. (Have already too many babies parked all over Europe) But it is probably a lost battle.

So, if (when) I buy one, and take it back to Europe, from which state should I get one. I.e. what are the differences especially in respect to noise and exhaust levels or anything else.

Also from what production period should I buy one? Don't want to take one with me where I then have to get lots of parts replaced. (e.g. Tink noise)

Also any recommendations on options to get or not to get are of interest.
One absolute must is the 6.0 engine with the 6 speed transmission.

Thanks for your support,

best regards,

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Just do it !!

Took delivery of my 6.0litre LS2 3 weeks ago and the impact its had down here in Cornwall, UK has been unbelievable :cool Best vehicle I've ever bought on the "wow per pound" factor :) I brought mine in from Florida and all the "man" did when I took it up for the UK SVA (single vehicle authority) test was open the door, read the US conformity sticker, check you could only put an unleaded fuel hose in the filler cap (to protect the cats!) and passed it :cool Took around 15minutes but another hour by the time they had me show them everything and they had finished taking photos!! And remember these guys spend all day looking at "special import" vehicles ;) So just go buy one Stephan !!
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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