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Different state versions / which one to take back to Europe

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Hi all of you SSR freaks,

I really love this forum. Its great.

I'm currently in the act of trying to convince myself not to by an SSR. (Have already too many babies parked all over Europe) But it is probably a lost battle.

So, if (when) I buy one, and take it back to Europe, from which state should I get one. I.e. what are the differences especially in respect to noise and exhaust levels or anything else.

Also from what production period should I buy one? Don't want to take one with me where I then have to get lots of parts replaced. (e.g. Tink noise)

Also any recommendations on options to get or not to get are of interest.
One absolute must is the 6.0 engine with the 6 speed transmission.

Thanks for your support,

best regards,

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Hi Ray, hi dohyatt,

thanks for the infos. I'm still building my decision. But I currently fell that I will do it. (Even so the weight of the SSR is unbelievable high.)

Does anyone know how well it is in taking high speeds? (Autobahn Speed?)

In respect to shipping, it does not make much of a difference if you send it from east or west coast. (Two weels) I have done both. The advantage from the east cost is that one can send it via RO/RO as from the west coast only container is possible.

But does anyone have some more technical input?


best regards,

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Hi ECurtis,

the countries in Europe are still very different in what they require. Switzerland is tough on emissions and noise, but they don't have the issues with the lights, etc.

The most import one in respect to emissions is that the car has a sticker stating: VEHICLE EMISSION CONTROL INFORMATION and that this vehicle conforms to the U.S EPA and state of California regulations " and a sticker either stating: LEV, NLEV, ULEV or SULEV.

For the reaming things such as lights, they are ok as long as the glass of the lights states SAE or DOT.

In respect to the question if England is part of Europe, no one will dispute that England is an island in Europe. Do they consider them self as being part of Europe? That you better ask someone from that island!!!

England is part of the UK and as such part of the European Union. The UK hover is not a Euro country meaning that they are not part of the European Monetary Union.

Switzerland in contrast, is in the centre of Europe, but is not part of the EU and not part of the EMU.

So in comes done to personal preference on what you are and what not. ;-)

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I'm really sure, I want one now.

What I'm thinking of maybe buying one and driving it for a few weeks in the US.
Is it possible to drive a car without having it registered?
What do you do if you buy out of state a car? Do you first register it in your home state, or is there such a thing as a temporary registration without paying sales tax?


Hi Rob,

tried sending you an PM, but it did not work.

Did you organize everything your selfs, or did you go through a UK dealer. Maybe you can give me some more inside.


So, tonight the decision was made:

One brand new SSR will head for Europe in order to get some Swiss licenseplates.
So I have decided for a 2005 / 6-speed.
I'm just not sure what color to order black or Aqua Blure or what it is called. Does anyone have a real good picture of the Aqua Blure? Have to decide by Monday.

My next question is, what is the default location for the front license plates. Are there any holes drilled? We have different size licenseplates and I would hate to have the front look like swiss cheese.

And my final question, what coding can be done to change the car to the metric system, headlights, Radio frequency band, ... and do I have to change the instruments or can I just get the pack panels of the instruments?

thanks for you help.

I promise, when I take it to Hockenheim or to Nürburg, I will post pictures?


PS: Here a link from Hockenheim with "Little Brother", so this year I'll do it with my SSR (You may need to scroll down)
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Just had a Taxi take me to a local dealer to inspect the colors.

Decision is taken:

It's AQUA BLURE with 6 speed transmission.

I'm suposed to have it in Europe by the end of May.

Can't wait
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