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Am looking at an 04 SSR which has everything...except the carpet lined bed/ tonneau top liner/wood "slats"??? Just all abs plastic? Every one I've looked at has these and this one's got my cornfused. Any Help???

Newbie Steve in Cassville MO
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When I bought mine in Feb. the dealer did a 5 state search looking for one (without the back area trim) to dealer trade. There was one in the whole NW and it had a deposit one it.

I think most SSR orders are by dealers (not all, just most) and they order everything, so not many bare bones ones out there.

Like I said...just kind of funny/weird to see one without carpet and the cool little oak trim pcs. And the tonneau lid looks nekid with out the liner, light and "glovebox". Wondering if I get this unit if these items are available somewhere...

Cassville MO
Home of Roaring River State Park
There were a coupe of posts from members that removed the trim kit and installed the ABS liner about a month ago.

Use the "Search" feature in the tool bar to bring it up.

Sounds like you want to use your SSR for work rather than play.

My moter-in-law always said "never start anything that you don't want to do for the rest of your life".

I just play in mine. Someone else has to use their rag for work. :D
nope, just the opposite, want the carpet and tonneau liner. Dunno, may keep looking for another SSR with the carpet and trim.

Cassville Mo
Home of Roaring River State Park
you could easily add the carpet kit, just have your dealer order it........................
I have an ABS bed liner that I just removed from my SSR. I'd really like to get rid of it. But, It would be real hard to ship. I'm in Idaho
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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