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I spent the morning at the service department having some warranty work done along with an oil change.
First item was changing the driveshaft. They installed version #3. I compared shafts and saw no visible difference between them. They looked alike except for a different part number. But there is now "NO TINK!!!". What I do hear is normal sounds of the gears having torqe put on them. Very quiet. Now I just have to wait to see if it passes the 500 mile test. Service manager made a point of letting me know that mine was the only one that has come back form the strap removal fix with the tink sound coming back. :rolleyes:

Second item I sort of pushed them to try was replacing the antenna module. The tech found the connection to the windshield was poor and it actually fell apart when he tried to remove it. I can say that the reception has improved somewhat. I am now getting 4-5 stations on scan instead of only one. I will have to do a side by side comparison at the next get together to see how it compares.

I was talking with one of the salesmen about Savannah trip. Gave him a card and asked him to pass info on to his customers. We may get another SSR in the caravan.
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