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Discount Priceing

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First, let me say I belong to another "Web Club" called LLSOC, because I own a Lincoln LSE thats a very cool sports sedan.

There are many accessories for sale on the LLSOC site for various discounts. These discounts are for MEMBERS ONLY. Members that put items on EBay always give the members a better price.

There two FLM dealers on board that sell to members @ wholesale pricing & that includes all FoMoCo parts. There is also a web based company that sells all parts including some speed equipment at various discounts

On the SSR site there are no Chevy dealers that I know of & if there are they don't sell even close to wholesale.

There are also some members of SSR that sell their items here for the same price as on EBay. Thats plain & simple BS !

There's also a few companies selling their items for inflated prices. Buyer bewear!

The SSR web club can be great, so lets get together & make it that way.
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#1) To each his own. ( The "CTS" is ButtUgly) !

Right on :thumbs ...also have an LS but not the LSE. Had it sitting next to a CTS at the DMV one day and boy...was I glad the LS was mine :)
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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