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Hey everyone. I've spoken to a lot of you guys over the past week and there's been some requests for me to put up our promotion codes for everyone to easily access. So here they are:

Magnaflow Cat-Back: FP15843
Dynatech Complete Header System: FP7353
Dynatech Headers w/ Jet Hot Ceramic: FP7353C
Diablo Predator Tuner: FP34SSR
Superchips Tuner: FP53SSR
Magna Charger Polished: FPMCPSR
Magna Charger Silver: FPMCSSR

The prices aren't listed for a reason. Okay, two reasons. Reason one is because manufacturers carry a MAP or minimum advertiseable price. Advertising below this price is not allowed. Yes, you will see other venders advertise below these prices but really, they're not supposed to. And reason two, well, if we listed our prices we would make our competitors look really bad for charging you guys so much. If you need a price, just pm me or give us a call.

I'll add more discount codes as we get more parts in. We're adding new parts everyday and growing our SSR section thanks to the great support we've received from all of you in just a short time. A lot of our parts are already listed at their sale prices, including our intakes. Keep checking back as we will be adding more and more parts as they come out.

Joshua, HHP
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