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n29we said:
I guess this will be a "newbie" question but what is window felt? Jim O :confused
This is the felt like coating on all rubber that every manufacture uses that is in contact with glass. It is used to prevent the friction caused by the glass and rubber created after the rubber starts to age. The problem here is the techs at GM decided to save about a $1.00 per SSR in not having it put on the main seal that is at the top of your door panels that keeps the window firm against the outside of the door to prevent water from running into the door. This is a simple fix for the experienced but, some have damaged door panels which are very costly in an atempt to correct the GM oversight. GM will not offer any help with this as well as several other issues. Don't do window tint unless you have the felt installed on the weather strip I have described. If you do, your tinting man will see you back with horrible scratches that the raw rubber will cause. In many cases the actual glass is getting scratched and GM is replacing them by the boat loads.
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