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I have the Under Hood letters up on eBay: :surprise:

Here they are! Available again on eBay. Laser cut 1/8" thick aluminum with a baked powder coat finish. Chevy SSR logo letters to fit the logo recesses in the under hood insulator blanket. These are some of the finest made and finished letters I have ever done!

These have been VERY popular through the years among my SSR Fanatic Forum friends everywhere. (I am "DakotaDocMartin")

I have 50 sets up for sale and they might sell very fast. So, get yours while you can. (With my various health problems, it takes me a long while to make a run of them.)

I include an instruction sheet with each set of the letters. Basically, they are glued into the recesses with 3M BLACK Super Weatherstrip Adhesive.


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Neil... great to see you up and about again ! Hope you're enjoying some good weather up there for a change. We still have ours and get comments as to how good they look and dress up the under hood area. Thanks for pushing on and still supplying your Goodies for our Babies to look Pretty and stand out at the Show & Shines !! Our Best to you....
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