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does any alarm really work

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It seems that alot of you are either extreme car buffs, work for GM, are car mechanics, etc. I am not but have always loved cars and love my SSR (more than my old Austin Healey).

Is there any alarm that really works? My car is not garaged and I would be willing to spend $ for an alarm if I truly believed it would be a deterrent but I have always held the belief that if they want it they will somehow get it.

I have the early warning Lojack which at least lets me know when the car has been taken after about a 1/2 hour but that is one half hour too late for me to keep my car.

Any thoughts out there? What have you people done?

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Hi, Ricardo

I've got a Duramax and a custom Sonoma. Both are equipped with black widow systems with window up modules, and autostarts. The alarm system has a paging feature, good for about 1/4 mile. The feedback system beeps you for lock, unlock, and to confirm autostart. It also beeps if the system is triggered. It won't keep someone from breaking in, but it will notify you immediately if you're within range.

I did a cross country trip last year - did about 10000 miles, from the west coast, through Chicago,getting as far as Knoxville, and back on I 40 through California and back up the west coast, mostly towing a boat. If I was concerned about where I was parking overnight, I pulled the starter relay from the underhood fusebox. Even if someone broke in, and had the balls to try to start the truck with the alarm going, I don't think they would stick around long enough to diagnose a missing part under the hood. It's a bit of a pain, but for the 30 seconds it's going to take, easier than scouring the countryside looking for your beloved toy.

One caution on the alarm system - it's not a do it yourself job - get a shop that knows their systems. I had the alarm in a 01 and 02, but when we swapped it to the 03, it was a major project to get it working right - needed a module from Black Widow to interface with the mickey mouse GM alarm system.
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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