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Does your "Smokin Asphalt" have a brown tint?

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I have a 04 "Smokin Asphalt" that has a brown tint in the color when in direct sunlight. The rubber and fiberglass parts are darker than the body panels. Looks crazy. With past GM Black vehicles this was a sign of a thin base coat before the factory applied the clear coat and called for a factory repaint. The GM rep has looked at it and claims that "Smokin Asphalt" is not Black but a lighter shade of black. I paint custom Street Rods and went and purchase a pint of PPG "Smokin Asphalt" and painted a test panel. It wasn't Black but didn't have such a brown tint as my truck. I have noticed other SSR's having the similar brown tint in the color in the direct sunlight also. Anyone else seen it on theirs?
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Black Isn't Black

As you painters already know or at least should know, Black isn't Black, and hasn't been for many years.
Every car company has a differant shade of black as do factory to factory. some are a brownish black, greenish black, redish black, blueish black, etc.
I aquired a Black and White color variations deck from PPG some 15 years ago, and you can really see a diffrerance if you take the deck outside and fan out the deck. This deck has approximately 50 differant Whites and 50 differant Blacks. Today there are a few more new black colors out, since paint companies are continually search for better coverage pigments as well as color fast and color sliding pigments(changes color shade as you move from one angle to another).
Another thing to think about is that depending on the color of base primer you can slao have two differant shades of color (this is called metamerizm). A grey primer base will apprear lighter than a red or black primer base even with the same number of top coats applied.
The reason for the color differance from the bumper and sheet metal is due to metamerizm. The vehicle has a grey green primer base, and the bumpers are done with a black flexible primer base. The bumpers are usaully sprayed at a separate facility than the vehicle also, which can attribute to the color differance.

Hope this helps you to understand the color shade differances.
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