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I know some of you have done this "mod" before, and I thought I would give it a try.

In one of the boxes of stuff that came with my R, was a pkg. of those custom SSR valve stem caps. Since the wheels already has a set, these were just extras.

I went to Auto Zone and for about $6, I bought these chrome (plastic) door lock knobs that I figured I could modify to add one of the SSR logo valve stem caps.

My intent initially, was to use my dremel and cut off the top section at the top groove on the new cap, and then somehow glue or epoxy the SSR valve stem cap to it.

No need!!! Damned if the new lock knob tops just (screw on) to the stem....not only that, the threads are the same as those on the valve stem caps. All I had to do was unscrew the original top and replace with the SSR logo caps.

Only "glitch" in whole process ended up being how to "marry" the new knob to the threaded door lock the opening in the new knobs, was a little too large in diameter to grab the threads on the rod.

Lots of ways to address this problem, but here is how I solved it. Wife had a box of soda straws that have that small flexible part that allows the straw to bend.

I stretched out the straw to expand the (flex) section and then took scissors and cut out the stretched flex section.....then cut that section length wise and then took another smaller section again. Finally, I was able to stuff that (curled up flex section) into the knob hole and then it would grab the rod and thread itself in place.

Pictures attached.


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