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Door Rattle with top down FIXED!

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Just got my truck back from the dealer and they have fixed the bad door rattle on the driverside that you get whn the top is down. After searching and searching my truck over for the rattle it turned out that the window regulator was loose in the door..Simple tighten of the bolts and there it is fixed. Still the bass sucks with it down but I do not have a rattle anymore and I leave the bass maxed out..I even listend to some rap on the way home and with the radio turned a little over half way up nothing..notta rattle at all.. I hope this is a fix for some of yall!
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JeffDBFl said:
Glad to hear all is quiet with the rear end. :thumbs Hope it stays that way. Hope everything turns out all right with your mother-in-law.
:agree :grouphug
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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