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Dream Cruise Update?

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Awhile back I saw an offer on this site from an Leslie Electric Co., Steve Asbury to provide parking for approx. 100 vehicles for coming Dream Cruise. Many SSR owners showed interest in the cruise. I have never been to one and this just might be my year. I think we should take Mr. Asbury up on his offer. The site is north of the cruise and I think would be easy to get in and out of if necessary. I did a Mapquest search. You can do the same, 85 Oakland Ave, Pontiac, MI, 48342-2044. I hope Mr. Asbury reads this and the offer is still available. Lets hear from you Cruisemasters and your thoughts. Scheide :seeya
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Well that was a waste. Guess nobody's interested.
I think you need to give it more time. Lots of people aren't on the site on weekends, and with it being Fathers Day, they will probably be busier than usual!!!!
Woodward Dream Cruise and WindsuppreSSR

Hang in there guys I hope to finalize a deal this week for a lot on Woodward near 11 mile. It will handle parking for 27 SSR's and since it is a prime spot for watching the cruise I am getting real excited. If anyone is interested in helping me setting up in the morning please PM me. The pay sucks but I can guarantee a reserved spot for your SSR for the day and you can come and go. Also official WindsuppreSSR Dream Cruise T-shirt and other goodies. I will keep you all posted as things progress.

Thank you all!

Wow the response was great! thank you all for your offers to volunteer Unfortunately I can only pick 2 so I did it the easy way and picked the first two that responded.
Big Jim coming all the way from King George VA And Rebel from our neighboring country Ontario Canada have graciously offered to lend a hand getting things set up the morning of the Dream Cruise. Thanks guys I promise not to work you too hard and I will bring the coffee and donuts.
This will be a great time for all SSR owners to meet each other and be a part of the largest and most spectacular one day vintage car show and cruise in the world!!
If you have been to the Dream Cruise in past years you know how impossible it is find a place to park any where close by. All you have to do to gain entry to the WindsuppreSSR parking lot is drive your SSR. Now keep in mind it will be first come first serve and although im sure people will come and go through out the day the only ones with a guaranteed spot for the day are Ed and Jim my two helpers. Now I am not advertising this so the only people that will know about this are you guys on this forum and whom ever you wish to tell. I know there are quite a few of you planning to attend the cruise this year so Im looking forward to meeting you all. :seeya

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