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Drilled Slotted Rotors - Before and After

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Finished this project today - rotors are from - good pricing ($240/set of 4 with painted hubs), quick delivery. Appear to be same quality as OEM, drilling is countersunk, edges are zinc plated, so should stay shiny - no more rusty edges.

Rich is the contact - tell him you saw it on the SSRFanatic website.



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very nice Flash!

didja get to use the stock pads? :flag
it's working for me

53wanab said:
Hey Mike,
Love your Boyd smoothies! Did they install 20" on all four? I was told by Vintique that 20" was too close for the front and recommended 18".
They( Vintique) have a relly cool set of billet solid smoothies with powder coated center, polished rim and baby moons.
Please let me know.

I sent you a pm! here's a pic of the front tire&rim, rear tire& rim and the old&new side by side and profile :flag


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1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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