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Your In The Right Place!!!!

Action said:
Hey all,
I just came across this site and will be back regularly. I bought a 2004 Redline Red about 4 weeks ago with most every available option. Very nice. I sold a military slantback Humvee to buy this. I definitely get more looks and question with the SSR than I did in the camo Humvee.

When I shift into reverse, I could hear a metal clanking sound. It sounded like a heat shield was hitting the exhaust pipe. I went to the dealership to have it looked at. I was told a Technical Service Bulletin was sent out regarding this problem. They have to replace the drive shaft. The exhaust tips were also off center. They fixed that. Something broke inside the headliner, and that is also getting replaced.

I had a friend in the service department run a check on my VIN. I bought this SSR with 1651 miles on it. According to the report, my exhaust tips were previously aligned at about 1200 miles in Feb. I should be getting the SSR back tomorrow. They stuck me in a 4 door Grand Am rental. They could have at least gave me a used Corvette to use!

If you here that clanking sound, take it in.

Jason :ssr
Hi Jason (Action)

Welcome to the fam... :seeya You purchased the best of the best a REDLINE :thumbs
You will find that this site covers almost every problem we have found, so you will have ammo when you go to the dealer to get things fixed. Yes these trucks have problems too but its worth it to drive a Super Sport Roadster! :ssr

Happy :ssr ing
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