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Driveshaft Update

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:) :) :) :)

My dealer called to say that they received the NEW and IMPROVED driveshaft for my SSR. It was released on Tuesday by GM, shipped on Wednesday and delivered on Thursday.

I had it installed this afternoon. It does not look too much different than the old one but it does have a damper on the front end. It does not make any noise. I have 62 miles on it so far and have put it through some tests. So far so good.

I will keep you posted it if anything changes for the worse.

:thumbs :thumbs
While I was waiting for the new driveshaft to be installed, I was talking to my salesman who just got back from SSR/Corvette training and a road course track down south. In order for a dealership to order a C6 vette they have to have at least one person trained. He had pictures of the new Vettes they got to run on the track. He also got to drive a couple new SSRs with the 6-speed tranny. He really liked the SSR, said it would really get up and leave town in a hurry.

He is a Corvette guy. he said the new Vette was absolutely fantastic. Awsome power and he said that it handled way better than the C5. The back end never wanted to break loose...just put the power to the road.
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It took about 150 miles on the "replaced" (old style) drive shaft to have the "tink" reappear on my former SSR. Good luck with the new drive shaft!!!
Mine too has been replaced and the tinking when put in reverse sounds off but not everytime. I will wait further posts before I take mine back for updating.

I took my 2004 into the dealership in Fort St John yesterday and told them about my tinkling sound when my truck was in gear, they checked it out with TAC and Tac suggested they replace my driveshaft but had not heard of any other problems with tinkling. Hmm somebodys lying....
The driveshaft 'tink' has been a pet peeve of mine after about 600 miles after owning my '04 SSR.It was mild at first and then an embarassing nuisance.

The dealership had it replaced with a 'new improved' driveshaft and yet after 250 miles the 'tink' had returned. I waited till the sound was loud enough to make sure no one could dispute it's origins and took it back into the dealership after several months.

After scouring the web to find any reports of driveshaft noise in other SSRs, I found this forum.

I had brought with me printouts of the driveshaft 'tink' discussions from this forum and the SSR Fanatic site address to present to the dealership.

A couple weeks later the service manager from the dealership had called and asked me to bring in my SSR to install try out a custom steel driveshaft.

I've waited to see if this new driveshaft had dispersed the 'tink' noise before reporting it on this forum.

After 500 miles of driving, it seems to be working fine.

Just wanted to pass this info along...

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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