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'04 pure stock silver SSr
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We're used to driving Corvettes for 35 years. Even the new C5's didn't generate this much excitement back in '97! It's 70+ degrees today and the top is down. I picked it up in Royal Oak, Michigan (Detroit suburb) and drove to Ann Arbor. I was solely responsible for 1 accident (guy 'rolled' into the car in front of him at a light.), one man tripped on a curb at a crosswalk and fell down, and a kid ran his bicycle into a mailbox. Grown women screamed 'babe magnet', etc.... Every stop was a conversation.

Wow do these things have a great sound.... aftermarket exhaust guys will suffer.

There is a body colored 'stone shield' on the rear fenders that was not on the early ones too for those interested in such stuff.

By the way, mine is #286 as shown on my TPW printouts back in early September. So much for the first 300 being trashed. Number 95 was in the dealers service bay with 8,000+ miles on it. It's a GM engineering evaluation vehicle It was black.

I can't wait to put some serious miles on it Sunday driving back to New Jersey. I took a bunch of pictures but forgot the string so I couldn't download 'em. (It's an 'age thing' I guess.)

Keep the faith..... yours is on the way and worth the wait......
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