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Hello everyone, read through some of the topics and seems like a very nice group of people here on the forum. My main hobby is motocross (so if any of you are on any MX forums, guaranteed you'll know me). Anyways, I just bought a new 2005 Chevy SSR, love it to death! Couldn't be happier!

Anyways, I'm looking for some easy bolt-ons that would increase the power/handling/pedal response (not all in 1 bolt on, but in those criteria's).

I'm good at mechanics so that will not be a problem, however I'm not looking for stuff such as hot cams, or big bores, ect, just some easy stuff to play with.

Sven :ssr :ssr

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Hey Sven,

Do a search on this site for Diablo or Predator. Great tool and instant horsepower............
I got me one and would do it again in a sec!

Also, JimGnitecki did a posting on 4:56 gears.........

Take your pick!

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Thanks John! How much roughly does the Diablo cost and what does it exactly do?

Also, would it void warranty?

Sorry I'm so picky (mainly a motorcycle mechanic so I know the stuff just not the companies/names/ect) also, I'd like to not void factory warranty if possible.

If so, I'd wait till the fact. warranty runs out (36K), which won't be hard to do on a car this fast.
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