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Ebay headlights

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The add says 7500K, white.
My lights on the 05 seem to be OK, just wondering if these would be better.
Has anybody tryed a set of this type?
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wallygator said:
HI everyone, my first post here but not a newbie to posting as I belong to another forum, Prowler Owners Assoc. I will get delivery of my 04 SSR next week sometime. I was looking at this post and decide to get in touch with a vendor I used last year for the Prowler when it came to upgrading my headlight bulbs. The web site is: and it is a great site to get the right info on all bulbs for all vehicles and the owner is very friendly and will talk your ears off on bulbs if you call and get back to you personally by e-mail immediately.

Anyway, I was asking about what I could do to increase the light output over OEM and he sent back the following:

I'm glad you like the 9011 bulbs in your Prowler. Congratulations on the SSR; those are nifty and exclusive vehicles. We'll be able to help you with some of the bulbs you're after.

The upgrade bulb for the low beam does not require any modification. It is $17/ea.

The high beam may or may not be upgradeable. The factory-installed bulb is a variant of the 9005 bulb you took out of your Prowler, only the bulb in the SSR has a straight base rather than a 90° angle base. Aside from this difference, the bulbs are the same. The straight-base bulbs are often but not always used because there is insufficient space behind the headlamp for the regular angle-base version of the bulb.
Sometimes the straight-base version of the bulb is used because it is easier for robots to install on the assembly line.

So, using one of the 9005 bulbs you removed from your Prowler, see if there is space to successfully install it in the high beam of your SSR.
If there is, then you can use another set of the 9011 bulbs to upgrade the high beams.

Unfortunately, there is no hope for fog lamps with the type 880 bulbs to be anything other than dim cosmetic toys. Do not attempt to upgrade the bulbs in these; vehicle damage will result. You would need to change the whole fog lamp assembly to a better unit in order to get brighter and more effective light. I haven't got an SSR handy, so I am unable to measure the available space (diameter and depth). If you will provide those measurements, I may be able to get you pointed in the right direction.

Regrettably, my database does not contain complete information on the rest of the bulbs used in the SSR. I show type 194 bulbs being used for the front and rear sidemarkers, and we can improve those to make those lights 50% brighter with our type 2886x bulbs ($3.80/ea). The backup lights may be type 2057, which can be replaced with P3496 ($6.10/ea) for 33% brighter light. I don't have data on the front park/turn bulbs (they may be type 7443), and I also don't have data on which set of lights are used as daytime running lamps (might be full-time front turn signals, but I cannot confirm).

If you will fill in the gaps in our SSR information, we'll be happy to advise further.


As you can see there isn't much info on the SSR. If you could please post here the numbers of the bulbs that he is having trouble with and I think we all can benefit from the experience. I have to tell you that the bulbs I changed out really lit up the night for me over OEM and they look very white not blue.

Give them a call or e-mail you'll be pleased and no I don't have any interest in this company at all other than a customer.


That is good info. Thanks :seeya
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