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Buyer Beware -

There is a Pacific Blue SSR on sale from a seller with 0 feedback. The VIN they used is completely bogus (1gces14h86gb12263) and does not provide an Autocheck report due to the error.

I sent a question to the seller to get the correct VIN, seller states he made a mistake, it is supposed to be 1GCES14H86B122639. Pretty funny that he should use that one and not edit the auction the ad. More research reveals that the VIN he said is the correct one is currently being auctioned on EBay from an auto dealer with good history.

UPDATE - So I finally heard back from the dealer on the Ebay listing, seems they do not have the truck in inventory anymore and have removed most of the information within the ad but it still shows up. So I guess the seller had to use a bogus VIN to get it listed...... this is the most strangest listing "error" I have ever seen. Anyway, looks like the private seller listing is legit!

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Good catch

Pictures are of the same vehicle for both ads (license plate)
Pictures are taken in different locations, so he didn't use a dealer picture.

The only thing I can think of is he may have (or had) it on consignment.
I don't know who Gulf Shore Motors is

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What? You mean there are dishonest people trying to sell SSRs?
Say it ain't so, Joe, say it ain't so. :shades:

Buying any big (or small) ticket item online is a crapshoot. Don't be bedazzled by visions of SSRs dancing in your head. Use your brain, or in an emergency a friend's brain.

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Guess I did pretty good on my 鈥榗rapshoot鈥 when I purchased Sinister on line. But I did a lot of research. And thanks to this forum I was able to go back in time and read about the creation of Sinister I also knew of some of the sellers business relationships.

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See my first post UPDATE related to the truck in question, looks like the seller actually has possession of the truck and the dealer does not. Strangest circumstance I have ever seen.......


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Cash, they are in Gulf Shores Alabama. I bought a car for my grandson from them. No problems & would not hesitate to purchase from them. Les
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