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Anybody interested in a run to Edwards AFB Open House??? It's a two day event this year - I'd like to plan on attending the show on Saturday Oct 22nd...

We want to welcome all to join us for our Open House and air show that will be October 22 - 23 , 2005. This year your Air Force and Department of Defense is engaged on many fronts, all across the globe, to protect freedom, preserve our way of life and thwart the specter of global terrorism. Therefore, all events described could be subject to change or cancellation without notice due to national security, or other issues that would influence our mission.
I'll most likely leave the Kingsburg Area Friday afternoon - and plan to take the 'scenic' route from Bakersfield over the Tehachapies... This route has some GREAT views of the Tehachapi loop ( - A World-Famous Railroad Construction Achievement of the 19th Century... Photos below show the same train - engines are looping OVER the last part of the train!

I'll most likely get a room in Tehachapi or Rosemond... Gates open at 7am - and I plan on getting to the gate at about that time... (Better photo ops of the static (Ground) aircraft without crowds in the way...) They have all the HOT aircraft (X planes etc) at Edwards... IF you have not seen the movie THE RIGHT STUFF - you may want to check it out before the show - some great historical info on Muroc/Edwards...

Let me know if you are interested...


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